Saving Fuel, Reducing Emissions: Start Stop Technology to Become a Boon for Automobile Players

  • 04 Jul 2022 04:32
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Saving Fuel, Reducing Emissions: Start Stop Technology to Become a Boon for Automobile Players

Addressing the environmental concerns regarding greenhouse gas emissions and saving fuel, automobile manufacturers have incorporated various features. Start stop technology is one of those technologies that have been adopted to a certain extent. According to the study published by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) in 2018, it was discovered that the technology would reduce fuel usage by nearly 8% in cities. 

Moreover, it lowers urban emissions, as cars do not burst out pollutants from their exhaust pipe while they have been stopped at a red light. Trials have been conducted regarding the application of this technology in tractors and following the excellent results, manufacturers have been pondering upon utilization in tractors as much as possible.

Automobile manufacturers have considered the competition and thought about the inclusion of start-stop technology into scooters. Start-stop technology is gaining a lot of attention. According to the report, the global start-stop technology would grow significantly over the next few years with innovations and technological advancements to lower fuel consumption.

Riding on the wave of introducing innovative features in vehicles, General Motors (GM) filed a patent for innovative start-stop technology. In this patent, the automotive giant mentioned that it developed a system that utilizes a camera and artificial intelligence (AI) programming. With the help of onboard GPS to identify location and circumstances, this technology enables a car to determine if it is in the parking lot or stopped on the road. Utilizing machine learning programming capabilities, the car can use the start-top system in various situations.

There has been a lot of annoyance among the drivers due to the inefficient function of this system. To address the concern, the accuracy of functionality needed to be raised. GM’s technology would learn from various situations the car is put in and get smarter than before. Moreover, it would collect the traffic data from the cloud and get ready for the duty accordingly. This would make the car ready for traffic on upcoming routes and function efficiently to save fuel.

From cars to tractors, start-stop technology has been adopted by different types of vehicles. The effect, one of the leading environmental technology companies based in Montreal, Canada, undertook the task of employing this technology to upgrade the fleet of vehicles of various companies. One of the container terminal operators, Termont Montreal, would employ the technology of Effenco for its 62 tractors. Following the successful trial on five vehicles, the company decided to install the technology in all of its tractors in the fleet. According to the estimations of Effenco, the technology would reduce fuel consumption by 26%, lower usage of engines by 46%, and decrease the emission of nitrogen oxide by 39%.

These results have caught the attention of other players and the company signed another contract with one of the terminal operators at the Port of Los Angeles. The CEO of Effenco David Arsenault opined that the performance achieved at the Port of Montreal can be replicated in other ports and emissions can be reduced along with improving fuel efficiency. Along with tractors, the innovative start-stop technology has been luring manufacturers of scooters to attract consumers in the fiercely competitive scenario. In the future, we might see scooter manufacturers utilizing the technology in their vehicles.

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