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What is Feld & Volk?

Thank you for taking the time to look at Feld & Volk. Our website is your one-stop shop for all things related to tech products and services.

Originally, Feld & Volk - is the company, which embodies splendor in mobile devices. For a long time, our specialists have been contemplating new product categories and features. We intend to update our site to offer you something unique and interesting. There's no excuse to abandon our quest to refresh ourselves since our objectives are your aims. We're proud of what we've offered our guests, and we're looking forward to expanding and improving it with new technology product reviews, news, tips, and deals.

Our objective is to give you the most up-to-date details about the gear and technologies you'll need for your daily use, along with technology news and trends. We have personally tried and operated the majority of the gadgets we assess. We hope you can find our materials both informative and exciting.

What sources are we using for our data?

  • There are communities, customer feedback, competitive analysis, and expert guidance accessible. Platforms, product assessments, consumer surveys, specialist help, and satisfaction surveys all get market data. We concentrate on client and customer feedback in order to discover the best products to try and attributes to avoid.
  • The testing process is putting products through a series of tests and experiments to assess how they function in real-world situations. Following that, the conclusions are assessed and cross-referenced with earlier studies. Lastly, as you can see on this official site, we summarize our findings in clear, useful, and thorough assessments.


As we have no relationships with any businesses, we do not accept advertising or complimentary merchandise. Every product we suggest has been used by us or has received feedback from consumers who have previously bought and used the equipment.

Feld & Volk - Latest Technology Product Reviews, News, Tips, and Deals

We were in the same situation as you, unsure who to trust for tech products and services. We created Feld & Volk, a website authored by actual specialists rather than helpful comments.

Feld & Volk is an association, consisting of artists and engineers. Our vast library of articles will assist you in picking the right technology and service that fit your requirements.

These are the three guiding concepts for our reporting:

  • Integrity and accuracy: Our experts and a group of freelance editors meticulously examine and update each item on the site. We do not take any form of money in exchange for coverage. This guarantees that the venues we suggest and write about are as fantastic as they claim to be.
  • Cultivated suggestions: Not everything is recommended by our authors. Only the best are recommended. Unlike other review websites that provide a lot of information, our authors don't provide you with a lot of it. Whether you're on a family vacation or a business trip, they'll utilize their local expertise to propose the finest spots to visit.
  • Expertise: Many of our contributors live and work in the communities they cover. They'll tell you where to buy the right computers, phones, and devices, or how to pick services, applications, and anything else you need to know.

Editorial Guidelines

In-house writers and editors review every piece of content on our website. Our objective is to create a complete library of material to assist you in picking the technology products & services.

Unlike most other sites that depend on "parachuting in" authors to generate single tales, our writers know their strengths and are specialists in the themes they write about.

Our material may contain links that might assist you in obtaining further information or improving your scheduling for a certain place. When other sites are related to the subject, we may link to them. This is particularly true if we endorse businesses or items that we have experienced and enjoyed.

We may gain a small compensation if you click on a link and make a purchase. These are well-indicated connections. Learn more about how we do product reviews.

Quality Standards

Our editors double-check our content, photographs, and drawings before publication to guarantee that the articles are correct and of the best quality.

We have skilled freelance writers who fact-check and enhance our content collection once a piece is published. They guarantee that all content is accurate and current and that ethical problems, disinformation, and ethical issues are avoided. Is there something you're missing? Please let us know by sending an email to contact@feldvolk.com

Our team consists of more than just editors. We also have artists and graphic editors on staff. According to our Privacy Policy, product designers, creatives, and technicians monitor how our websites are used. This allows us to improve the user experience across all platforms and provide new features.

Partner Programs

Feld & Volk is a member of the Amazon Associates Program. If you purchase something from Amazon.com through one of our links, we will receive a small commission. Both Feld & Volk and our excellent editors profit from this.