Launch of new projects and partnerships for 5G Technology to offer better connectivity

  • 04 Mar 2022 08:40
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Launch of new projects and partnerships for 5G Technology to offer better connectivity

With changing and growing demands for connectivity, service providers have been offering various services that would enable seamless connectivity for the commercial and residential sectors. The development of 5G infrastructure has enabled service providers to fulfill the demands of customers in a better manner. The launch of 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) would cater to the demands of customers for flexibility and low latency. Many companies began testing their services and joining hands with other market players to test and deploy their solutions.

The future is promising for FWA as traditional internet connections will be replaced, and the deployment help multiple network service providers across the world to utilize 5G as per the business needs of their customers. The market for the 5G fixed wireless access is gaining momentum. According to the report published, the global 5G fixed wireless access market is expected to grow significantly over the next few years. Following are some of the activities taking place across the world.

Companies have been exploring new markets and launching their services to meet the demands of customers. AIS plans to launch its 5G service with Fixed Wireless Access for the business sector. The service is expected to improve the flexibility of sending and receiving data on wireless networks for corporate customers. This deployment will be an extension of Network Slicing Innovation on 5G FWA. This technology enables service providers to design each layer to offer consistent and flexible service for each area of business. It would ensure quality for speed and connection. With the deployment of 5G FWA, the efficiency of eMBB (Enhanced Mobile Broadband) can be enhanced to support high bandwidth applications. It can be set up easily and quickly to meet demands for business network solutions. In addition, it provides better latency and ease in relocation.

5G Technology

Partnership is one of the vital strategies employed by market players to gain the advantage of each other’s capabilities. South African data-only operator Rain partnered with Chinese telecom equipment manufacturer Huawei to launch a Standalone (SA) 5G network. This partnership is aimed at delivering fixed wireless broadband service in the covered areas. The 5G FWA is developed at Rain’s sites. This site is expected to enhance 5G along with providing better reliability, lower latency, and diversified home broadband services. In addition, these network solutions would help industries in advancing toward digital transformation. This will become the first commercial 5G network in Africa.

Riding on the trend of partnerships, another two companies have joined hands. Keysight Technologies, Inc. announced the partnership with Arcadyan to test its 5G platforms for validating consumer premises equipment (CPE) to enable fixed wireless access applications (FWA). The partnership is aimed at creating 5G products to offer improved fixed broadband services for rural, suburban, and urban environments. Arcadyan would test modems, RF front-end (RFFE), radio frequency (RF) transceivers, and antenna modules for commercial 5G devices. Yeh Doo, the Product Manager Head of the Arcadyan 5G product line, commented that Keysight enabled the firm to offer end-to-end solutions for accessing broadband connectivity at an improved speed. With this partnership, the firm would validate the performance of designs for utilizing 5G and deliver efficient wireless connectivity.

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